Cheers to memories past and those yet to come


See you later, 2023!

This past year marked a big milestone for us: the big five-oh. That’s a lot of campaigns, product launches and, of course, coffee. But we wouldn’t have gotten here without partners like you. So, let’s take a nostalgic stroll through some weird and wonderful moments throughout the decades.

And maybe you'll add a memory of your own.

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Thank you, Agency Habitat, for the unforgettable memories. Office dogs, wild parties, jaw- dropping studio sets – who needs a boring job when you’ve got all that? Shoutout to my amazing colleagues.

Alexa K.


I remember having a project where we created promotional materials for a portable toilet being rocketed into the sky. Never did I think I’d be designing for an event like that. Habitat, you’ll always be number 1 in my book!

Rolando G.


My favorite memory is printing the Exxon King Ranch coffee table book with Brian Wilburn. We even flew out to Phoenix to press check the foil-embossed book cover. I truly am proud of this project.

Cody C.


My favorite memory from GCG was when I couldn’t find a sitter for my daughter and we had a big pitch and I needed to be there. Neil Foster allowed me to bring my daughter, Charli, for a few hours till someone could come and get her.

Crystal C.


I love all of our internal events. From Chili Cookoffs to Gallery Nights, it is so much fun to socialize with coworkers and see how talented each and every one of them are in so many different ways!

Caroline C.