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Investing in a Strong Brand

How did we connect a traditional mortgage institution with a new generation of banking customers? We started by focusing on values instead of net worth.


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The financial meltdown and bailouts of the late 2000s left consumers wary of big Wall Street banks, but they weren’t quite willing to give up the conveniences the big banks offered in favor of their local, neighborhood bank just yet. Digitally native millennials, in particular, were banking almost entirely online. So step one was a full brand and digital refresh. We updated logos, branded materials, branch offices and most importantly, the website and online banking platform to showcase a progressive, modern brand that could serve customers online just as comprehensively as in person. At the same time, we launched a campaign focused on the value of personal connections in banking. The ads emphasized how relationships can go beyond raw numbers and introduced customers to Colonial’s full array of services. The investment paid dividends, aligning messaging, encouraging cross-selling and invigorating the bank staff to connect with a new generation of customers.



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