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The Challenge

miraDry needed a strategic, insight-driven rebrand that would appeal to the large untapped market of consumers interested in a long-term sweat solution. Research revealed that 76% of sweat-bothered consumers are millennials who share a common mindset – nobody likes wasting time or energy thinking about sweat.

Our Approach

We conducted preliminary research to help us get inside the mind of the millennial consumer. The results let us know that if miraDry wanted to resonate with millennial consumers, it couldn’t look like every other aesthetic device campaign out there. We couldn’t focus on the negative aspects of sweat – millennials wanted to see the brighter future waiting for them at the end of treatment. Not the oversell, but the simple win that comes with “no more stressing over sweat.”

Visual Identity

The new miraDry brand uses vibrant colors and fresh, free visuals to break through the cluttered aesthetics space in a way that’s both approachable and aspirational. The use of video over stills whenever possible helps breathe life and energy into the brand while drawing attention to the treatment area.

Grid of miraDry brand assets (models dancing, 'No Sweat No Stress' tagline, miraDry device, collared shirt with the phrase 'No more pit stains').

Professional Communication

Healthcare providers offering other aesthetic procedures will typically focus on skin-tightening and fat-reduction treatments, but those traditionally attract a primarily female audience and can be an intimidating first entry into the world of aesthetics. miraDry allows practices to offer a wider range of patients a potentially life-changing treatment with little to no downtime. While patient-facing materials focus on the freedom that comes with sweat reduction, physician-facing materials focus on the international market opportunity that miraDry addresses and demonstrate the financial benefits of bringing more millennial patients into practices.

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Color Theory

Testing showed that brightness and vibrancy were key in attracting a millennial audience and standing out in the aesthetic space, so color quickly became the core of the miraDry brand. To make sure their palette remained as impactful as possible, we provided a guide on how to use color combinations most effectively.

Behind the Scenes

When it comes to creating a unique brand, you need to think outside the stock photo library. miraDry needed fun, energetic pictures of armpits – and those armpits needed to belong to a diverse group to represent their global patient base. Easier shot than found, so we put together a photoshoot that would capture everything they needed for their launch and first-year marketing efforts.

GCGMarketing--Miradry-Behind the scenes video Poster@2x

Brand Execution

Building the Brand at Every Audience Touchpoint

Because our goal was to increase brand awareness, it was important for every touchpoint to stay consistent and tell the brand’s story through language and visual identity. Whether it was through social ads, the website, educational collateral pieces or outdoor ad placements, we wanted to make sure our audience could instantly identify miraDry and start to recognize the key aspects of the brand.

Miradry Quiz Grid

Succeeding Globally

Creating a brand that could translate across cultures was crucial for this client. To keep things flexible, we created a simplified hero message that could easily translate to different languages, shot a diverse cast of models who were pre-approved by the marketing teams in different countries and created color combinations that could be switched out depending on each country’s preference.

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Relevant Placement

When selecting cities for our initial U.S. push, we recommended buying media in the 10 sweatiest cities in America. Within those cities, we wanted one aspect of our media push to focus on outdoor spaces and public transportation, where people are most likely to be stressing over their sweat.

Miradry Targeted Media Map
Miradry No Sweat No Stress Bus Wrap
Miradry Train Station Ads

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