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To prove this beauty brand was more than skin deep, we dove in to the technology it was founded upon and created a whole new narrative.

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Fresh visuals provided aesthetic appeal, while a new messaging strategy better explained the technology and organized the product line. As a brand sold almost exclusively through dermatologists and skincare professionals, NEOCUTIS offered some unique challenges, including a premium price point, a complex product line and limited sales channels. It takes more than that to deter our team, though. Harnessing a passionate consumer base and building a bank of additional testimonials through patient experience programs, we were able to reinvigorate the brand and provide a reason to believe in the products. A comprehensive training program and extensive product collateral also helped the sales team organize a complex product line with a compelling, easy-to-understand system. And while we’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, we can’t wait to introduce the next generation of NEOCUTIS to the world.

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Redeveloping the sales aid to be easy to understand was important to the success of the whole project. Since there is a lot of content, organization is key. We used color and a tab system to categorize the products, making it easy for the reps to go through content.

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